The History of Miners Landing

The historic pier where it all began! In 1897, the steamship Portland, weighed down with the first load of gold from the Klondike, docked at the pier where Miners Landing now stands. Now, Pier 57 is home to the Miners Landing, a family-friendly shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex.

“The Seattle gold rush of 1897-98 was more than just an interesting story. It was the major turning point in the city’s history.”



Welcome to Miners Landing on Historic Pier 57

  • 1896

  • August 17, 1896

    The gold strike began quietly when three miners found gold in the Klondike River, a tributary of the Yukon. News of the strike spread slowly over the next year until miners began to return with their fortunes.

  • July 17, 1897

    Seattle, Washington buzzed with excitement when word had come over the telegraph wires two days earlier that S.S. Portland was heading into Pier 57 from St. Michael, Alaska, with more than a ton of gold in her hold.

  • On board the S.S. Portland were 68 miners and their stores of gold. Excited by the promise of catching a glimpse of gold, 5000 people came down to the docks to see the miners and their treasure.

    The crowd was not disappointed. As the miners made their way down the gangplank, they hired spectators to help unload their gold.

  • In a matter of hours, Seattle was swept with a case of gold fever. The great Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon Territory was on, as people dropped everything to head for the gold fields.

    Pier 57, where Miners Landing now stands, went on to play an important role in the trade between North America and Asia for several years.